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Anyone wishing to stay informed about Executive Orders, can subscribe to the WH publications list and have it sent directly to your email:

Go Here and scroll down to

B. Subscribe to New Releases

Subscribe to daily publications. Documents will be sent to you by email on a regular basis, as they are released by the White House. If you are already receiving documents, you can modify or cancel your subscription.

Or press here and enter your email address. You can choose which WH publications you would like to receive.

CAUTION: If you choose to have more than executive orders sent to you, your inbox will fill up very quickly. I chose executive orders and press releases. I now get about 20 emails a day from the WH (Impossible to read them all). I suggest using another email account that has a large storage capacity. Excite has 3 MB storage, ZDnet gives you 4 MB, Hotmail has 3 MB it think.

Its almost impossible to keep up with the criminal activity spewing out from this administration. This is another weapon in that battle.